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Resources for Law Student Research Assistants

Congratulations on your selection as a research assistant for a member of our law faculty! Because our faculty have a variety of research interests, you may be assisting with them with projects that vary in depth and duration, that deal with narrow or broad topics, and that may involve both (or either) legal and non-legal research. Though we cannot anticipate the specific nature of your individual work, this guide provides suggested research strategies and methods, and recommends both university and free research tools that you may wish to consult during your time as a law faculty research assistant.

Law librarians are happy to offer one-on-one consultations to discuss your assignment (in-person or via Zoom), or to facilitate individual or small group training. To support faculty teaching and scholarship, each law faculty member has a library liaison. To determine which librarian serves as a liaison to your faculty member, consult the faculty services liaison list, or contact the law librarians listerv.