PreK-12 Education (Teaching & Learning) Research: Finding Scholarly Articles

Suggested library resources for education research, primarly focused on PreK-12th grade.

What is a Scholary, Academic, or Peer-Reviewed Journal?

A scholarly, academic, or peer-reviewed journal is a published collection of articles written by scholars in the field. The articles present original research and undergo a peer-review process before publication. Before the article can be published, it is vetted by other scholars for quality and accuracy according to the journal's editorial standards (i.e. the peer-review process). To find these articles, you can browse by journal title listed in the Scholarly Journals in Education (listed by subject) below. To do a targeted search on a topic, you will want to search in the databases listed below.

Browse the Latest Research in Education

Associations & Research Centers

Professional associations and research centers are good sites to find research-based information outside of the typical publication stream. Scholars and practitioners in the field usually produce the content found on these sites.

Databases for finding Journal Articles

The following databases will help you find scholarly articles on education topics:

Depending on your topic, you may need to broaden your search to include research from other areas such as psychology or history. Here are databases that include scholarly research adjacent to education:

Scholarly Journals in Education