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The Curriculum Materials Center is a library collection used for Pre-k through 12th grade education, including special education materials. The available resources are hands-on materials, teacher edition textbooks, leveled readers, and much more.

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About the Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center offers a collection of items to facilitate hands-on learning, teacher-edition textbooks, leveled readers, and an assortment of tests.  Materials are geared toward Pre-K through 12th grade learners, including those in special education.

Item of the Month

Software in the CMC


All the software listed on this page are located with the Reserve Materials on the Main Floor.


Writing with Symbols, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and one copy of Boardmaker can be checked out for 3 days. There is a copy of Boardmaker on permanent Library Reserve.

CMC Coordinator

Amy Corbitt's picture
Amy Corbitt
Peabody Library 308,
located next to the CMC.

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