PreK-12 Education (Teaching & Learning) Research: Education Reference

Suggested library resources for education research, primarly focused on PreK-12th grade.

Start with Reference Sources

Reference sources are a great starting point for starting research on a new topic because they provide general information on a topic. The often include the following types of information to help you get started:

  • Get an overview of a new or complex topic
  • Find out the names of key players in a given area
  • Locate terms that you can use in your research
  • Help narrow (or expand) your topic
  • Locate a bibliography of sources to help you start your research

Reference sources include encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, and other sources like them. Some reference sources for education-related topics are listed below.

Education Reference

Articles within handbooks are written by current scholars in the field and provide reviews of current research in the field. Use these sources to jumpstart your research by learning about recent research, current scholars and subject terms to use when searching the databases. 

Review of Research in Education