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Contain prepared reports which have industry information and analysis. The reports may be written by independent firms, consultants, industry experts, or investment services. Use them to find industry trends, ratios, norms, SWOT, Porter's Five Forces, key statistics, and competitors.  Well established industries will have more available research and information than start-up ideas or new concepts.  You may need to benchmark against a larger company (typewriter replaced by the computer) or consult local news stories.  Consult with your librarian for help when needed.

Industry Specific Databases

Trade Associations

When you need additional industry information, trade and professional societies often compile and freely share industry data and reports. Use these resources to identify relevant organizations:

Regulatory & Government

Many industries have government regulation; most government agencies provide reports and information on those regulated activities.

Benchmarks & Ratios

Industry Ratios provide analysis of diverse financial data for an industry. They can be used to compare a company against its peers.