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Vanderbilt Universities Library Catalog

Vanderbilt University Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to search the holdings of ALL 8 Vanderbilt Libraries.   

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  • Use AND to combine terms & narrow your search
    • example: Incas AND religion
  • Use OR to search for related terms & expand your search
    • example: burial OR cremation
  • Use * to truncate a word & return all possible endings
    • example: maya* (will return maya, mayan, mayans, etc.)
  • Use ALL CAPS for AND and OR


Try using the BROWSE BY search option for targeted searching.  Below are examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings for searching:

Mayas           Incas
Mayas Antiquities   Quechua Indians
Material Culture   Indians of Mexico
Anthropological linguistics   Ethnology Amazon River Region
Excavations (Archaeology) Honduras   Indians of South America Bolivia
Indians of North America Arizona   Indians of South America Peru Cuzco
Indians of Central America Guatemala   Indians of South America Andes Region

Browsing for Books

Another option is to browse the STACKS for books.  The following call # areas might be of interest to you:

CC 1-72  Archaeology  3rd floor
CC 73-81  Methodology
E 51-73  Pre-Columbian America.  The Indians

 6th floor

E 75-99        Indians of North America
F 1201-3799  Latin America.  Spanish America
GF 1-900  Human ecology.  Anthropogeography  5th floor
GN 1-890  Anthropology
GN 49-298  Physical anthropology
GN 301-674  Ethnology.  Social and cultural anthropology
GN 700-890     Prehistoric archaeology
GR 1-950  Folklore
GR 100-113  Folklore, North America
GR114-133  Folklore, Latin and South America
GR 135-263   Folklore, Europe   
GR 430-950  Folklore (by specific subjects)
GT 1-7070    Manners and customs