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Philosophy Resources: Finding Books

Vanderbilt Universities Library Catalog

Vanderbilt University Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to search the holdings of ALL 8 Vanderbilt Libraries.   

You can use it to find:

  • Books
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Periodicals
  • Reserve materials
  • and more...

Search Library Catalog


  • Use AND to combine terms & narrow your search
    • example: soul AND Aristotle

  • Use OR to search for related terms & expand your search
    • example: soul OR anima

  • Use * to truncate a word & return all possible endings
    • example: philosophy* (will return philosophy, philosopher, philosophical, etc.
  • Use ALL CAPS for AND and OR


You Might Find...

Browsing for Books

Another option is to browse the STACKS for books.  The following call # areas might be of interest to you:

B 1-99 Philosophy - General Works
B 108-708 Philosophy - Ancient
B 720-765 Philosophy - Medieval
B 770-785 Philosophy - Renaissance
B 790-5802 Philosophy - Modern
BC Logic
BD 10-41 Speculative Philosophy - General Philosophical Works
BD 95-131 Metaphysics
BD 143-237 Epistemology. Theory of Knowledge
BD 240-260 Methodology
BD 300-450 Ontology
BD 493-701    Cosmology
BH Aesthetics
BJ 1-1185 Ethics - History and General Works
BJ 1188-1295 Ethics - Religious Ethics
BJ 1298-1335 Ethics - Evolutionary and Genetic Ethics
BJ 1365-1385 Ethics - Positivist Ethics
BJ 1388 Ethics - Socialist Ethics
BJ 1390-1390.5 Ethics - Communist Ethics
BJ 1392 Ethics - Totalitarian Ethics
BJ 1395 Ethics - Feminist Ethics
BJ 1518-1697 Ethics - Individual Ethics. Character. Virtue
BJ 1725 Ethics - Ethics of Social Groups, Classes, etc. Professional Ethics