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User Records: Duplicating Updating & Deleting User Records

Duplicating, Updating, and Deleting User Records

Duplicating User Records

To create a record using the Copy User wizard, first search for the original record using the User Search helper. Supply a new User ID by swiping the ID card (or scanning if it is a Faculty Surrogate card). Enter the name and profile name. Press enter or click OK. All of the rest of the information is supplied from the record you copied.

Updating User Records

The Modify User wizard is used to make changes in a patron record. Open patron record by swiping ID card or searching patron name. Any changes to these records will be overlaid the following day by the EPI Feed.

  • Replace an ID number — Delete the old ID number and swipe the ID card to repopulate the USER ID field.
  • Update mailing address or email address — If an employee is terminated, retrieve an updated address from Pat Johnson.
  • Update expiration date — requires an override by an authorized staff member. Before changing the expiration date, verify address information. For alumni, extend the expiration date one year. To extend Faculty Surrogates’ expiration date, a new form should be submitted with their new expiration date.
  • Update Profile Name — Profiles should be modified to reflect the information on the ID. When changing profile name, also update User cat1 and User cat2 and expiration date. See Chart 1.
  • Change Status — There are 4 statuses: OK, DELINQUENT, BLOCKED and BARRED. The first three change based on the circulation status of the patron and are determined by Chart 4. The BARRED status must be requested by the desk supervisor to the Head of Access Services, and then placed and removed manually by the desk supervisor. A patron can be barred from borrowing if they have fines over 30 days past due or their employment is terminated and they leave the university with books or fines. Always include information in the Comment field of the extended info tab explaining why the record is barred.
  • Add/remove Extended Information — There are 2 types of extended information: NOTES and COMMENTS. Additional lines can be added as needed or removed as needed using the BEFORE and AFTER and DELETE button bars at the top of the screen. NOTES do not display at circulation module commands. COMMENTS do display.   Therefore, use the COMMENTS field only when there is important information you need to communicate or retrieve from the user. NOTES should be used to display confidential information or previous IDs or information crucial to providing problem solving on a user record.

Deleting User Records

This function is only available to authorized staff and should only be used with the intention to completely delete a user from the database. Choose the Remove User wizard, identify the patron by Name, USER ID, or Group ID. If the user record can be removed, the record will automatically be deleted. This command is not allowed if there are charges on the record or if the user has reserves, holds or bills. There is no prompt asking you if you wish to proceed. If the user record cannot be removed, an explanation will appear.