Remote Gaming: Scattergories

This is a list of games that are freely available free on the internet and integrate nicely with Zoom or other video-conferencing tools.

Scattergories Instructions

I have never not had fun playing Scattergories! This is also perhaps the simplest game to play remotely, thanks to this web site. The host just needs to share that web site with the players.To play Scattergories, each player begins by numbering a sheet of paper from 1 to 12. You can change the timer on the site by clicking the gray 'Change' in the timer box. I suggest 3 minutes, or 180 seconds. Click Play and the timer will begin to count down and the Categories will be revealed. Each player will try to think of a word or phrase that begins with the letter displayed in the upper-left and matches the category for each number. Extra points are given for multi-word answers that all begin with the letter! after time runs out, players take turns reading their list. If anyone has the same answer for any given category, they receive no points for that category. Each player then totals up all the unique answers they have gotten.

Select a set number of rounds to play. The player with the highest score wins, but again, the point of the game is to laugh with friends and should not be too competitive! I always play with each individual keeping track of their own score using the honor system. The real fun of this game is seeing your friends trying to justify the completely unjustifiable answers they have given!