Remote Gaming: Pictionary

This is a list of games that are freely available free on the internet and integrate nicely with Zoom or other video-conferencing tools.

Pictionary Instructions

Pictionary is a classic drawing game that many will already be familiar with. To play remotely, you again can use a Random Word Generator. There are many other options available as well as phone apps. Again, I feel it is fine if the drawer refreshes until they find a word they like. For those of you familiar with Pictionary, I treat the remote version as every round is an All Play. This means all teams guess while one team draws. I have found that some locations will have multiple individuals that want to play separately. That is totally fine. All everyone needs for this game is some way to draw (white boards and tablets are options, but simple pen and paper works as well) and some way to generate random words. Whichever team or individual guesses the correct word first, becomes the next drawer.

If someone actually happens to have a copy of the game on hand, they can designate game pieces and roll, or you can just set a number of rounds won as the victory condition (perhaps start with something manageable, like 10 rounds to start). But winning isn't really the point of this game, laughing at your friends ridiculous drawings is the real goal!