Remote Gaming: Boggle

This is a list of games that are freely available free on the internet and integrate nicely with Zoom or other video-conferencing tools.

Boggle Instructions

Boggle is another classic game that is easy to play online.The site I use has many options, but I just play the standard 4X4 grid. You play by searching for words by finding letter combinations in any direction. This site is intended for personal play, but I just share my screen in Zoom, hit 'New Puzzle' and keep an eye on the clock while we all write our answers and call the round over when I see the clock reach 3 minutes. Alternatively, you could set a timer on your phone or use an hourglass if you have one or whatever time-keeping device you have handy. When time runs out, everyone puts down their pens and and pencils and we tally our scores. Any words that more than one person have on their list are crossed off and you take turns reading your remaining words until everyone is left with a list of unique words.

I forgot the official rules and we were playing with small children that were allowed to do 2-word answers (adults were not allowed to do this) so we just scored it one point for each letter in the word minus 1. So two-letter words were worth one point, three-letter words were worth 2 points and so on. The official scoring rules follow the following table from the wikipedia site:

3, 4 1
5 2
6 3
7 5
8+ 11