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SpringShare Products Technical Support

Frequently asked technical support questions for SpringShare libApps products, including libGuides, libAnswer/libChat, libCal, libWizards.

Link your libCal account to Zoom account

To use the Zoom plugin, libCal users will need to link libCal account with zoom account:

  1. Log into LibCal, click on your email address in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Integrations tab of your Manage Account page.
  3. In the Zoom panel, click Authorize with Zoom account button and follow the prompts to finish the authorization.
  4. When you receive an email from with a subject line of “libCal for Zoom is approved to use”, that means your libCal account is linked to your unique institutional zoom account, and you can start scheduling zoom appointments and events within your libCal account.

Setting up Virtual Appointment

    • In LibCal, go to Appointments, then My Settings tab
    • In Confirmation Email to Patron section, for Template, choose system default, or add {{{ONLINE_JOIN_URL}}} in custom template
    • In Confirmation Email to Admin section, for Template, choose system default, or add {{{ONLINE_START_URL}}} in custom template
    • In all other Email to Patron sections (such as Reminder Email to Patron, Follow up Email to Patron), make sure you {{{ONLINE_JOIN_URL}}} is included.

An example email template:


Set up Online Events

When adding online Events to a libCal Calendar:

  • In libCal, click Events from the top navigation bar
  • Choose the correct Calendar, Click Add New Event
  • In Event Location section, choose Online Event Via Zoom, select Meeting organizer, password, meeting type as needed.

libCal online events