SpringShare Products Technical Support: Embed a libCal calendar to libGuides

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Embed a libCal Calendar to libGuides

Embedding a Libcal calendar into a LibGuide is simple. Libcal will create widgets for you which you can put into any LibGuide (or any other web page) by copying and inserting a couple of lines of script. Here are the steps: 

Step A: Create a libCal Widget in LibCal

A-1. In Libcal, go to Calendars and click on the Widgets tab. 


A-2. Choose what type of calendar widget you want to create, pick the correct calendar, fill out all other options, choose "show past events" at the bottom if you wish. 


A-3. When you are satisfied with all your options, the embeded code will be displayed at the bottom. 


Step B: Add widget code to libGuides

B-1: Go to LibGuides, choose your guides, copy the code into the media/widget option in LibGuides and your calendar will appear.


B-2: Here is the calendar widget showing up in your libguides.