Career Resources for Peabody College

Resources for Peabody College students to research companies, non-profits, etc. Tips on interviewing, cover letters and resumes.

Getting Started with Career Research

Welcome to the research portion of your career search! You may be asking yourself, “Research? What does that have to do with finding a job?” Research isn't limited to your academic coursework. Research can help prepare you to land the best job or determine a career path for you. Ideally, you began thinking about your career path before you even arrived at Peabody, but in reality, it is common to explore and re-envision your career options during your time as a student. This Peabody Library Research Guide, developed in collaboration with Peabody Career Services, is designed to help you prepare for what comes next in your career journey. Click on each tab to locate a topic of interest or the career field most relevant to your career goals.

Career Services at Peabody and Vanderbilt