Nursing: Apps for Mobile Devices

Account Creation & Renewal 

Creating a New Account & Renewing Access 

  • While on Vanderbilt/VUMC campus 

  • Go to: 

  • Open up Lexicomp go to the MOBILE app link located the bottom left of the page

  • Choose the app you need either VUMC or Vanderbilt Children's 

  • Then follow the steps listed, contact the library if you have questions or need assistance 

If you are off campus please use the instructions in the pdf located to the right under Instructions with Screenshots

Account Creation

  • Open up Micromedex and go to Mobile Application Access (top right).

  • Determine which apps you want access to there are 4 of them: Drug Reference, Drug Interactions, IV Compatibility, & NeoFax Reference

  • Get the  passwords for the apps, 4 different apps and 4 different passwords. (The passwords are listed in Step 4 of the instructions)

  • Download the app(s) from your app store 

  • Open the app on your device and choose Micromedex customer and enter the password(s). 

Contact the library if you have questions or need assistance.

Account Renewal & Creation

Renewing Access (both on & off campus)

 *It might also just take you to UpToDate and say Medical Center at top right of page.*

  • Once you are in UpToDate you might need to Log Out and then Log In again using your UpToDate username and password. If you do not see the log out option, just Log In using your UpToDate account information.

Contact the library if you have questions or need assistance.

Creating a New Account (both on & off campus)

  • Use this link to access UpToDate: 

  • Use you VU ID and password to login into the Center for Knowledge Management login in screen. 

           *It might also just take you to UpToDate and say Medical Center at top right of page*    

  • Once you are in UpToDate register button to create an account using your Vanderbilt email.

  • You will then receive and email and can download the app and login in with your new account.

  • Password must be 8-24 characters with at least one uppercase letter and one number or special character.

Contact the library if you have questions or need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions for UpToDate


Q: How do I cite an UpToDate topic?

A: [Author]. [Topic title]. Post TW, ed. UpToDate. Waltham, MA: UpToDate Inc. Accessed [Date].

Here is an example with the Author and Topic title filled in:
Marion DW. Pacing the diaphragm: Patient selection, evaluation, implantation, and complications. Post TW, ed. UpToDate. Waltham, MA: UpToDate Inc. (Accessed on June 23, 2022.)

Q: How do I gain CME credits through UpToDate?

A: You will need to be logged into your personal account. Use the Log In/Register button on the main search page within UpToDate. This page can be accessed from any Vanderbilt University registered IP address by typing and using both your UpToDate User Name and Password or by completing the registration information (to obtain an UpToDate User Name and Password). CME/CE/CPD credit accrues when using UpToDate via mobile web or the UpToDate Mobile App. However, to redeem your credits, you must log in to your UpToDate account online via a desktop or laptop computer.

Q: What is my MOC/CC board ID for CME e-submissions?

Maintenance of Certification (MOC)/Continuing Certification (CC) is a program for board-certified specialists and subspecialists to maintain their specialty certification by meeting requirements to demonstrate they are staying current with medical knowledge and practice. Go Here to see contact information.

Q: I did not register upon my first access to UpToDate, how do I register now?

A: You may register by going to the My Account/CME tab and clicking on the Click here to register link, when accessing through an integrated access point. Or you may click on the Register/Login button on the main search page within UpToDate.

Q: When will I use my UpToDate username and password?

A: These credentials allow you to access the full features of UpToDate. This includes the ability to earn and manage CME credits, access to the UpToDate Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 mobile devices, as well as the ability to login directly to from any computer outside the Vanderbilt University network.

Q: I have an Individual Subscription - can I still register?

A: Yes, when presented with the registration form, simply enter your user name and password in the Log In section of the page. This will connect your individual account with the Vanderbilt University enterprise account.

Q: How do I access from home?

A: Log into Vanderbilt University using your Vanderbilt network login that is established for remote access using the Login Button on the Eskind Library Homepage. Once in the Vanderbilt University network, you should be able to click on the link to UpToDate as you do when you are on site.

If you have registered for UpToDate Anywhere access, you can access from either the UpToDate Mobile app or you can use your UpToDate credentials by accessing and clicking the Register/Login button on the UpToDate main search page.

Q: Can I use the UpToDate mobile app?

A: Yes! The UpToDate Mobile App is now available for those affiliated with Vanderbilt! The UpToDate app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices. Please download the appropriate app, register for your UpToDate credentials through either your integrated access point within Vanderbilt University by using the Register/Login button on the UpToDate main search page from Once your registration is confirmed you may now use those UpToDate credentials to login via your mobile device. (Full Instructions on how to get access to the UpToDate app)

Q: Can I access UpToDate from my mobile device?

A: In addition to the Mobile App mentioned above, you are able to access UpToDate from any mobile device when located within any Vanderbilt University facility. When connected to Vanderbilt University wireless internet, open your internet browser and type to receive an optimized view of UpToDate.