Nursing: Apps for Mobile Devices

PDF Instructions

Mobile Apps- Download while on Campus

To add UpToDate and Lexicomp to phones and tablets.

1st create Accounts



  • Log Out/ Disconnect form the VPN and/or Pulse Secure

  • Open up UpToDate, register button located top right

  • UpToDate will then send email with mobile app download instructions


To maintain access, the UpToDate mobile app must be used on the Vanderbilt campus at least once every 30 days.



  • Create account at:

  • Open up Lexicomp go to Mobile Access Codes located under the column titled Additional Services to get authorization code and app download instructions 


To add the Micromedex app to phones and tablets.

  •  Open up Micromedex and click the Download Mobile Apps.

  • Determine which apps you want access to there are 3 of them: Drug Reference, Drug Interactions,  & IV Compatibility

  • Write down the passwords for the apps, 3 different apps and 3 different passwords. (The passwords are listed in Step 4 of the instructions)

  • Download the app(s) from your app store 

  • Open the app on your device and choose Micromedex customer and enter the password(s) that you wrote down.