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Islamic Studies Resources: Help

Need Help?

The following library staff are available for research assistance in the area of Islamic Studies:

  • Divinity Librarian: Chris Benda (contact Chris) -- Available for research assistance
  • Central Librarian: Jason Schultz (contact Jason) -- Available for research assistance
  • Bibliographer: Ashkan Bahrani (contact Ashkan) -- Available for research assistance and purchase recommendations



Manuscript of "the Ways Of Edification" [Dala'il al-Khayrat]; 1818, Ottoman. The Dala'il is a devotional prayer book comprised of a collection of prayers for the Prophet, a description of his tomb, his names and epithets, and other devotional material written by al-Jazuli (d.1465), a member of the Berber tribe of Jazula in southern Morocco. (Source: The Online Gallery of Agha Khan Museum)