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ASIA 1111-04 – Hollywood Hanoi: Narrating the Vietnam War: Citing Your Sources

Understanding CItations, MLA Style, and Citation Software

Citing in MLA?  See this MLA Style Guide.

Not sure how to read a citation?  Look at the Understanding Citations and Finding Items guide.

Interested in using citation software?  Learn more from our Citation Management guide.

Citing Sources?


When you "cite" a source you are showing, within the body of your text, that you took the words or ideas from another place. 

checkmark You also are providing a way for the reader (your professor) to locate the sources you relied on in your research.
checkmark Failure to acknowledge these sources can be considered plagiarism.
checkmark Remember that for whatever style you chose (in consultation with your professor), pay attention to the details and be consistent.  Incorrect citations are just as bad as no citations at all!

Style Guides for Writing

The style guides highlighted below are the most common style guides in use in academia today. 

Consult your professor before selecting a style guide for your assignments.