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Resources for ESG

For a helpful comparison of ESG across business database solutions, visit Edward Lim's comparison chart. PLEASE NOTE: Vanderbilt only subscribes to the following databases for ESG research. 

Professional business research subscriptions via Vanderbilt University
ESG Websites

ESG background

Naming conventions for Sustainability Reports vary. A Harvard Law School article (2021) found 18 distinct ways in which companies titled their reports. “Sustainability” (43%) was the most commonly used term in report titles, while “CSR” (24%) and “ESG” (23%) were further behind. The average length of a 2021 Sustainability Report was 70 pages.

CSR Report Name Options: Business & Sustainability Report - Citizenship and Sustainability Report - Corporate Citizenship Report - Corporate Responsibility Report - Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG) Report - Global Citizenship Annual Report - Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report - Global Environmental & Social Impact Report - Global Impact Report - Global Responsibility Report - Impact Report - Integrated Sustainability Report and Annual Report - Responsible Business Report - Social Impact and Sustainability Report - Stakeholder Sustainability Report - Sustainability Report - Sustainable Impact Report.