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Asynchronous Online Learning Materials: Best Practices

This guide is for librarians and library staff that create asynchronous online learning materials, primarily videos tutorials.

Librarian Course Introduction Video (3-5 minutes)

Sample Outline

  • Course number/name and how the course fits into the curriculum of the program
  • The importance or reason for this course 
  • How or why this course is relevant to the students 
  • How the course is designed/organized and delivered to students 
  • How/why the course design will help the students achieve the course goals and learning objectives 
  • Expectations for student participation 
  • Special instructions for assessments or assignments  

Sample Scripts

You can adapt this example to make your own, always taking in mind that your speech should not last longer than a minute. It is a good idea to write down your librarian instructor self-introduction text and practice reading it many times in order to memorize it before you shoot your video.

Sample Script 1: (Sarah Dunaway & First Year Legal Research)

Welcome to First Year Legal Research! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you this semester.

The purpose of this class is to introduce you to legal research techniques and for you to become familiar with foundational primary and secondary sources. You will use these sources and apply these techniques to locate relevant authorities to cite in your open universe office memorandum (OUOM) legal writing assignment.

In lieu of a textbook, we will be posting all mandatory and optional materials to your legal research Brightspace pages. These will include brief overviews of the legal research topics being covered and/or links to an accompanying course guide.

Every week, you will be responsible for completing various activities in your Brightspace module. These activities, and the dates by which they must be completed, are clearly indicated in the Brightspace classroom. Failure to complete these tasks will result in a deduction to that component of your grade.

You can find an overview and schedule of the course modules here.

You are responsible for coming to class having completed all the assigned tasks, which include readings, videos, and exercises, as well as being prepared to discuss relevant issues. It is my job to make sure this class is valuable to you and to provide you with the resources you need to succeed. Reciprocally, I expect each of you to take ownership of your learning by asking questions and coming to class prepared.

For help navigating this Brightspace course, please check out the video below. For a transcript of the video, please click here.

The course is organized using modules that you can move through in sequential order. You should begin with MODULE 1: Introduction (1 day)

I can't wait to dive into legal research with you all!