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ICJ Documents: Free Resources

The International Court of Justice is the primary adjudicative body associated with the United Nations.  It is a court of general jurisdictions and hears disputes between nations.  The ICJ maintains a well-designed website hosting a variety of resources for researchers:

  • Cases: Content in the “cases” tab is organized using a variety of subheadings and is conducive to browsing.  There is no keyword search function within this tab.
  • Basic documents: The “basic documents” tab includes core ICJ texts, including the statute of the court and practice-oriented materials. 
  • Site search vs. document search
    • “Site search” offers a single keyword search box, and searches the webpages on the site.  This is a good place to start when searching for all documents pertaining to a single matter.
    • Conversely, “document search” offers several search fields, thus greater search precision, but only searches the PDF documents stored on the site, and results list identifies documents individually (not organized by matter).   

Database last updated in 2016

ICJ Documents: Subscription Databases

Some ICJ materials are available in Westlaw and Lexis Advance, but the ICJ website’s offerings are more comprehensive.  The most efficient way to locate ICJ resources in these platforms is to type “International Court of Justice” in the main search bar, and select suggested resources.  ICJ decisions are also available in Oxford; select United Nations as jurisdiction to locate the court.

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