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Visual Resources Center: Citing Images

The Vanderbilt University Visual Resources Center resides in the History of Art department and is your source for finding and properly using high-quality images resources for your papers, presentations, and projects.

What information do I need?

While each professor may have a different preference for what information they expect in a citation, you can use this as a general guide.

In the body of the text
Refer to the work of art using the following format: Author, Title (Figure #). 
Assign figure numbers in order as each new image is first referenced in the text. 

At the end of the text
(Figure #)
Artist Name, Title of Work, Date Created.
Material or Medium, Dimensions of Work.
Repository or Owner, City or Country of Origin, Repository Accession Number.

When constructing a citation, provide what information you do know and write "unknown" for any information you cannot locate.

Citation Example

(Fig. 19)
Joachim Wtewael, Adoration of the Shepherds, 1601.
Oil on canvas, 15.8 x 21.1 cm.
Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, acc. 3408.