White Collar Crime Seminar

Using the Library Catalog

In general, if you wish to locate a source electronically, you can search for it in the library catalog. If the library does have access to it, the catalog should provide one or more links to the source. Clicking these links from anywhere should grant you access (you may be prompted to enter your VUnet ID and password). 

Simply use the main search bar on the library page: 



Using a Proxy Bookmarklet

If you are using a search tool, such as Google Scholar, to locate articles, you may find yourself encountering paywalls when you click through to articles. This is because these links do not contain the Vanderbilt proxy information, which is how you access resources for which the Vanderbilt Libraries pay. 

You can circumvent this by going to the library catalog, searching the article within, and clicking through. Or you can enter the proxy information into the URL of the source. You may do this manually, but the easier method is to install a proxy bookmarklet in your browser. The instructions on how to do so are below. In addition, we have provided a quick video (with no sound) demonstrating the process. 

Manually Append the Proxy Prefix
You can format a URL to use the library’s proxy server by prepending http://proxy.library.vanderbilt.edu/login?url= to the actual URL. For example the URL https://www.jstor.org/stable/42627701 can be edited with the prefix to http://proxy.library.vanderbilt.edu/login?url=https://www.jstor.org/stable/42627701.


Use the Reload via VU Library Proxy bookmarklet
To add the bookmarklet:

  1. Make sure the browser’s bookmarks toolbar is enabled.
  2. Create a new bookmark (e.g., right click on bookmark toolbar and select New Bookmark (Firefox) or Add Page (Chrome). Depending on your browser, bookmarking a link may work differently.
  3. Edit the bookmark’s URL to contain the following code rather than a web address: javascript:void(location.href="http://proxy.library.vanderbilt.edu/login?url="+location.href);

Using the bookmarklet:

  • While researching outside of the Library’s website, you may hit a paywall when trying to access the full text.
  • When you are on a web page (e.g.,a JSTOR article), click on the bookmarklet to reload the page through the library proxy server.

Note: the proxy prefix and bookmarklet only work for resources that the library owns or licenses. If you still can’t access the full text, try looking for it in the Library Catalog. You may need to request the article through Interlibrary Loan.