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Vanderbilt University's Institutional Repository: Submit

Submitting digital content to VUIR

Instructions for submitting:

Log in: Go to, click on “Login” in the top right-hand corner. Sign in using your VUnetID and password. An account and profile will be created for you.

Request Access: email and request access to the collection you would like to submit to. If you are submitting student work (undergraduate honors thesis or capstone project), please see sidebar for more information.

1. Log in (see step 1) and go to Submissions (located in the left column under My Account). 
2. Choose start a new submission.
3. Choose your collection from the pull-down collection menu. The name of your collection will vary depending on your access.
 If a collection is not available, email and request access to the collection.

Describe the item: For items that have been previously published, including theses or capstone projects, please tick “Published”. The minimum information required to submit an item is Title, Author, and Date of Issue (date on paper). Other fields are optional such as keywords, abstract, advisor information although providing this information greatly increases findability. Here are some notes on important fields:

1. Tick the box “Published” (required) and click Next

2. Enter the information to the following fields (skip other fields):
Authors (required): Author name (last name, first name).
Subject Keywords: Add 3-4 words or phrases to describe your topic.
Description: Provide a short description of your paper. Include the course #, course title, and professor name.
Title (required): Enter the name of the paper, presentation or research Date of Issue (required): Year, month and day on the paper.
Authors (required): Author name (last name, first name).

Subject Keywords: Add 3-4 words or phrases to describe your topic.

Description: Provide a short description of your work. 

Upload: “Browse” through directories and folders to locate your file. After uploading a file, you may choose to upload additional files. Upload presentations and additional supporting files if needed. Click Next.

Review: Review and correct any of the information you have entered.

License agreement: You may opt for the Creative Commons license. If you do not want the Creative Commons license click “next”. The Vanderbilt license agreement (non-exclusive distribution license) is on the next screen. By clicking on this agreement you give Vanderbilt the right to retain 1 copy of your item. You retain the copyright.

You are done!

Next, a librarian will review your  information. This may take several days. You will receive e-mail notification when your item has become a part of the collection.

Removing or updating work:

Institutional Repository is a permanent location for digital materials and each item is assigned a permanent URI. The author and copyright holder of digital content published in Institutional Repository can request that repository managers remove their paper completely or replace it with an updated version. It is also possible to publish the updated version along with the original material to serve as a record of research.


Student Works in Institutional Repository

Undergraduate Honors Program - Psychological Sciences

Request permission to submit to the Undergraduate Honors Program - Psychological Sciences collection in one of the following topical subgroups:

  • Clinical Psychology -- Autism Research
  • Clinical Psychology -- Depression Research
  • Clinical Psychology -- General
  • Clinical Psychology -- Schizophrenia
  • Clinical Psychology -- Stress and Coping Research
  • Cognition and Perception
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Emotion
  • Neuroscience
  • Quantitative Psychology
  • Social and Personality Psychology

Undergraduate Honors Program - Physics and Astronomy Department

Request permission to submit to the Undergraduate Honors Program - Physics and Astronomy Department in one of the following groups:

  • Highest Honors in Astronomy
  • Highest Honors in Physics
  • Honors in Astronomy
  • Honors in Physics


Peabody College Teaching and Learning

Request permission to submit to the Teaching & Learning Capstone Projects collection.