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Research doesn't have to be overwhelming! Learn how to increase your productivity and improve your coursework. Drop in, no need to RSVP.

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Available Workshops

Strategies for Surviving Group Projects
Group projects are a fact of life; find out how to make the most out of the experience.

Picking the Perfect Topic
Find out how concept mapping can jump start your research and help you focus your research statement.

Finding Reliable Sources
Cut through the massive amounts of info available to find the most relevant scholarship for your topic.

Staying on Top of Your Research
Discover tools and techniques for organizing your research for maximum efficiency.

Creating Engaging Research Presentations
Keep the interest of your professor and classmates with tools designed to highlight the best aspects of your research project.

Be a Better Googler
Learn Google tips and tricks to save time and effort while increasing the quality of your search results.

Primary Sources in Research
Discover the wealth of print and online primary sources available for your research.

For more information or to request a workshop on demand, contact the Director of Teaching & Learning, Melissa Mallon.