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Research Productivity Workshop Series

Social Media: Fake News, Alternative Facts, and Curating Your Own Information Intake

Workshop Abstract: In a world that is increasingly intertwined and commingled with user-driven social-media content, it is easy to become a passive user of this information and to become trapped in an echo chamber. This workshop will examine and summarize ways to combat that tendency and to keep on your toes about best practices in consuming social media content in an information-savvy way.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

Workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Identify several types of social media misinformation and disinformation formats and tactics
  • Recall ways to assess, fact-check, and challenge social-media misinformation and disinformation in real time
  • Gather and use sources of daily information that are not interconnected with social media

Tuesday, March 30  2:15-3:00 via Zoom

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