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Peabody Library Research Channel: Faculty & Instructors: Welcome


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Welcome to the Peabody Library Research Channel!

This guide has two purposes:

  1. To help Peabody students navigate the research process and gain (or reinforce) skills that will prepare for university-level research.
  2. To assist faculty in supporting the research needs of their students through self-paced and asynchronous learning materials.

How can faculty and instructors use this guide?

In addition to the above, we always welcome you to have a librarian come and talk to your class about the Vanderbilt Libraries resources and services. Contact your departmental subject librarian to discuss options.

If you have any questions or would like to request new content added to the Research Channel, contact your departmental subject librarian (to the right)! 

HOD Subject Librarian

Profile Photo
Leslie Foutch
she, her, hers

SPED, Psych & HD Subject Librarian

Profile Photo
David Golann
Room 305A, Peabody Library
Subjects: Education, Psychology

LPO, and T&L Subject Librarian

Profile Photo
Sarah Stevenson
Peabody Library Office #301
Subjects: Education