Embedded Librarians: What are Embedded LIbrarians?

Embedded Librarians
Embedding a librarian in your course is a great way to provide more consistent and personalized assistance for your students. An embedded librarian is especially useful for online classes that involve a research component. Including a librarian in Brightspace can also extend students' access to research assistance after an information literacy instruction session. Librarians can be active in the course to the extent the faculty member prefers. Examples of  ways librarians can interact with students include:

  • setting up "virtual office hours" (using the Brightspace discussion board or other tools)
  • posting to a blog or Twitter feed
  • alerting students to the latest books or articles relevant to their research topics (via email or the Brightspace Announcements)
  • creating a Research Guide targeted to your course's research assignments
  • designing pre- and post-tests to assess students' research skills

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