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Oral History Project Guide: Designing the Project

This guide describes how to plan and implement an oral history project.

Design Considerations

The modules on this page feature questions to consider at each phase of your design process.  Some items to be considered are the University of Nashville women studentstheme or angle which will make your history project different from pervious studies, the various uses which can be made of gathered histories (articles, books, or local history web sites), and an analysis of what equipment, resources, or services may be needed to ensure a successful project.

Project Theme

Designing Your Oral History Project

Select a theme for your project.  Do you want to:

  • capture local history of the area?
  • chronicle the experiences of an underrepresented group in your community?
  • build upon a previous project?


Project Use

Decide how your project will be communicated to others.  Do you plan to:

  • publish the interviews in a book?
  • film the interviews and use them in a documentary?
  • provide online access to the project through a web site or online database?


Project Support

Line up the support you will need for the project.  Will you:

  • need technical assistance in recording audio or video for the interviews?
  • will you need transcription services to create a written transcript of the interview?
  • need assistance in creating a web site or database for the project?