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The Information Universe

Who knows how big is the Internet?  Experts say it grows exponentially each year, making it harder to find precisely what you need.

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Your Value Proposition & Research Information

Doing research is complicated.  There is so much information out there, how do you know where to begin?  First of all, there are things that you already know.  These questions will help you create a plan to see what information you need to find to support your idea.

  • Who *cares* about this product or service?  Is it a trade association? Government? Key competitors?

  • What is your idea?  Does it replace a product or service that already exists?

  • When will it be needed or used?  Is that important for you in promoting it?

  • Where will the end user – geography, phase of life? What channel will reach them?

  • Why would someone buy your product or service?

Consider me your Sherpa for custom research advice & help to find the right stuff.

Research Secrets!!!

You have a start-up, it's a new idea, like when the first computer replaced the typewriter.  There just wasn't much information about the computer industry yet because it was such a new idea.  This happens all the time with new products, technology and applications that people want to create and develop. So whether you're fine tuning your concept or preparing an investor pitch, we can help you save time.

Vanderbilt Librarians create "library research guides" to help you navigate library resources.  the sheer volume can be a bit daunting.  they list specific databases, websites and even books along with giving explanations about how to use the sources.  Check them out (pardon the pun!): 

Library Research Guides

There are many information resources to help you learn and refine your concept for success.  Often a combination of research from library databases and Industry Thought Leaders will guide your path. When you are doing a start-up, customized research is best. 

So contact us directly if you've spent 30 minutes or more looking for what you need.  Don't worry about asking us for help, that's why we're here.