Economics Graduate Student Orientation

Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers

Economics books are located on the 5th floor.

HA 1-4737  Statistics
HB 1-846.8 Theory and methodology
HB 3711-3840 Business Cycles
HC 1- 1085 Economic history and conditions
HD 101-1339       Land use
HD 1401-2210 Agricultural economics
HD 3611-4730 State and industrial organization
HD 4801-8943 Labor
HE 1-9900 Transportation and communication
HF 1401-1647 Commercial policy
HF 1701-4050 Tariff policy, free trade
HG 1-9999 Finance
HJ 1-7977  Public finance
HJ 8003-8899 Public credit, debts, loans
HJ 8903-8963 Claims
HJ 9000-9694 Local finance