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Copyright: Public Domain

Public Domain in the United States

Works in the Public Domain are free of copyright protection. This includes works published during or before 1924, most work created by the government, and some works created between 1922 and 1978. Many online resources provide access to public domain materials that can be reused and adapted. We are happy to assist you in identifying public domain resources.

A Word of Caution

Not always as clear as you might think! Aristotle: one would logically think that his writing is public domain.  BUT, Aristotle did not write in English. Someone translated, edited, and compiled selections (usually with commentary), and published. That published work is likely covered by copyright. This applies to many “historical” works. Care should be taken to identify these works which are free of intellectual property protection. 


Finding Public Domain & CC Licensed Material

Use the list below to discover works in the public domain. Remember that though a work may be available for free online, it may still be protected by copyright. Responsibility rests on you as the user to assess whether a work can be used and transformed.