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Carole Boston Weatherford: Using Black Music & Children's Literature To Teach Social Justice

Curriculum & Community Resources

Collage image of National Museum of African American Music

Guide Objectives:

  • Integrate the educational opportunities presented by the National Museum of African American Music with classroom coursework.
  • Use picture books to build background knowledge, critical thinking & content knowledge.
  • Use Universal Commonalities & Essential Questions to develop empathy, self-reflection, and critical thinking skills needed to engage in meaningful dialog.
  • Identify resources responding to information needs.

NMAAN/Vanderbilt Partnership

Front of Peabody Library Image of The Wiley Center, Teaching & Learning Department Image of Buttrick Hall Image of Blair Music Library
Peabody Library Teaching & Learning Department African American and Diaspora Studies Anne Potter Wilson Music Library


This collaborative educational project is in partnership with the National Museum of African American Music. A Vanderbilt Arts, Discovery, and Innovation Fund Project.