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Case Competitions


Participating in a business-related case competition is one of the best ways to develop critical business and presentation skills, gain practical real-world industry experience, and network with experts and potential employers. 

Definition of a Case Study: A Case Study is created using a research method that is in-depth and detailed to examine an issue or problem and its related contextual conditions.

Being familiar with case studies will help you prepare for case competitions and also for company interviews.  While the case competition presentation will be brief compared to one done for a job interview, understanding the elements will strengthen your solution.

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  • Can you use library resources for case competitions? Check your particular case competition requirements, guidelines, and restrictions. If they are allowed, encouraged, optional, then read on! 
  • You may need to do research on particular industries, companies or products/services. This guide will get you started, but reach out to Management Library staff via the blue "email me" button for focused assistance. 
  • Owen Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) is available to assist with logistical support of case competitions. 

When allowed, utilizing professional business research tools available via VU in combination with expert information assistance from Management Library can help you succeed. Just ask the Owen team that won 1st place in the 2023 SEC Case Competition!