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Case Interviews and Competitions: Case Study Research

How to find case studies in databases. Case method books. How to analyze case studies. Online case study resources.

Library Research

The case competition/interview will ask for a solution to a problem.  The problem, in library research terms, can be explored by looking for a category of information.  These categories translate directly into library databases.  See the EXCEL spreadsheet of most commonly used business databases linked in the box to the right.

Categories of Information:

  • Industry (e.g .automotive, solar power, etc.)
  • Company (e.g. Coca-Cola, Home Depot, etc.)
  • Topic (e.g. healthcare technology, a specific product/service/customer, etc.)

Industry Thought Leaders

Industry Thought Leaders, government and other entities use the Internet as their distribution channel and are generally considered credible sources.  They also are current and often crisp in length which makes for quicker and easier reading.  See the Is It True or Fake WORD document linked in the box to the right.

Industry Thought Leaders will vary by industry but the ones listed below in “any of these words” are an excellent starting point. 

Use: Google Advanced Search.

Query: Find current trends and challenges in healthcare technology.

  • Filter by Date following this path on the Results page: Tools>AnyTime>xxxx
  • Use the Advanced Google Searching primer for more in-depth search techniques.

Select List of Library Databases

Evaluating Internet Information