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Finance Databases: Analyst Reports

Searching & Downloading Analyst Reports

Finding and Downloading Analyst Reports in Refinitiv Workspace

  1. Open the Platform
  2. Search for a company of interest
  3. From the top horizontal toolbar, select News & Research, then select Company Research
  4. Use the filters on the left vertical tool bar to filter by date, contributor, report type or keywords
  5. Select the check box next to any reports of interest to initiate a download window. You may download multiple reports at once.
  6. Each report has a ‘price.’ This information is in one of the righthand columns. Students can download $150 ‘billable’ pages each day. This limit resets at midnight local time.


Analyst Reports

Refinitiv Workspace includes analyst reports from many major investment banks, such as Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan. The research analysts who research and write these reports are employed by financial firms and market intelligence firms. Financial analysts often focus on recommending a particular action, such as buying a security. 

Within Refinitiv Workspace, recent reports are linked from a company profile or you can find historical reports using an advanced search.You can also search by date or keywords- for example finding all reports within a specific quarter that mentioned a certain product.


When registering for a Refinitiv Workspace account, you must select 'AMR" as an add-on to access analyst reports. If you did not do this when setting up your account, you will not have access to analyst reports. If you need to add AMR to a pre-existing account, please email us at

Download limits

Students can download 150 billable pages per day. This limit will reset each day at midnight. We recommend using keywords to target searches, and only downloading specific pages needed in reports, if you think this limit will be challenging.