Independent School Leadership (ISL): Finding Scholarly Articles

Finding Scholarly Articles

A scholarly, academic, or peer-reviewed journal is a published collection of articles written by scholars in the field. The articles present original research and undergo a peer-review process before publication. Before the article can be published, it is vetted by other scholars for quality and accuracy according to the journal's editorial standards (i.e. the peer-review process). To do a targeted search on a topic, you will want to search in the databases listed below, which are searchable collections of scholarly journals.

The following databases will help you located scholarly articles on education topics:

Finding Grey Literature

Grey Literature or "Gray Literature" is literature (often of a scientific or technical nature) that is not available through the usual bibliographic sources such as databases or indexes. It can be both in print and, increasingly, electronic formats.

Where to find it: Consider looking at white papers, policy statements, and more from the websites of government (CDC,, etc.) or professional organizations (AMIA, AHIMA, AMI, AOTA, APTA, etc.). Sometimes companies will publish grey literature in the form of white papers or market research.

The resources listed in the next tab are great spots for finding grey literature. In Google Scholar, search by using keywords such as report, "think tank," "white paper," policy, statistics, or limiting by domain to (.org, .edu, .gov).