CLAS 1130 - Greek Myths

Dealing with Abbreviations

Journal names are often abbreviated in bibliographies, and deciphering them can be quite a chore.

Below is an online abbreviation lists from the American Journal of Archaeology as well as a more comprehensive print resource in our reference collection.

Books, Articles and More!

Vanderbilt University Library Catalog

Selecting the best search scope for your research needs:

Library Catalog vs. VU Collections vs. Articles

Search Scope What is included? When should I use it?
Library Catalog
  • Broadest search scope
  • Results will include books and ebooks, articles, and media like DVDs
  • A great option when you are just beginning your research process.
  • Use Library Catalog when you want to survey the research landscape for your topic
VU Collections
  • Focuses on VU owned items, physical and digital
  • Results will include books and ebooks, and media like DVDs
  • Digital collections like the TV News Archive will also be included in your results
  • You have defined your information needs
  • Use VU Collections when you are ready to create a tailored search for your topic
  • Content from selected VU databases
  • Popular and scholarly articles
  • Use Articles to find popular and scholarly articles on your topic.
  • The Articles scope does not search across all databases accessible to the Vanderbilt community.
  • Not finding the articles you need or want more database options?

For a more detailed explanation of your search scope options consult What am I searching?


Keyword vs. Subject Searching

Step 1:  Start your search process by brainstorming a list of keywords that describe the main concepts of your topic or question.

Step 2:  Use these keywords for your initial searches.

Step 3:  Use the Subject Heading links in the details section of the catalog record to refine your search.

Screen shot of catalog details for book: Light and Darkness in Ancient Greek myth and religion.

A Selection of Useful Subject Headings

Aphrodite (Greek deity)    Gods, Greek
Medusa (Greek mythology)   Homeric hymns
Herakles (Greek mythology)   Mythology, Greek
Goddesses, Greek  

Mythology, Greek, in art

Apollo (greek deity)  

 Mythology, Greek, in literature

The following databases will help you find articles on your topic:

 What is   ?

FindIt@VU provides direct links from a database citation to the fulltext of the article (if available) and other supporting resources.

An FAQ for FindIt@VU is also available.

Image Databases and Resources @ Vanderbilt


François Vase, black-figure volute krater decorated with bands of mythological scenes

François Vase

Black-Figure Volute Krater, ca. mid 6th century B.C.E.

Signed by Kleitias (painter) and Ergotimos (potter)

Museo Archaeologico, Florence