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BUSA 3700: Investment Analysis

Industry Overviews

To learn about and understand the industry in which your company operates, Vanderbilt subscribes to a few databases that can help you find an outsider’s expert opinion about that industry. 

First Research Report Sections

First Research contains:

  • Call Prep Sheets with conversation starters
  • Industry reviews
  • SWOT
  • Executive talking points

After clicking on the database link, scroll to the middle of the page then click on the orange SUBMIT button. You can search by NAICS code, industry name, or the name of a large company within that industry. The report contents are listed on the LEFT SIDE of the page.



The IBISWorld database:

  • Looks at smaller/more granular industries than First Research
  • Dives into business segments within the industry
  • Highlights external factors affecting the industry
  • Easy to understand graphs of industry data which can be downloaded