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ATLA Historical Monographs Collection

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection, Series 1 and 2

These are collections of pre-1923 books.  According to EBSCO, these are considered databases and make no provision to download individual titles as ebooks.  The PDF format does allow for printing in page number ranges.

ATLA on Kindle Fire

Under Viewing Options, select  “Page pdf”.  You may print, view or download up to three pages at a time. These may be annotated--even on the Kindle Fire.


We own a number of e-books from EBSCOhost, but for the majority of them we subscribe to access.  The ability to access any of these titles will vary  according to publisher restrictions.  Some may be downloaded a chapter at a time and some may be "checked out" for a preset period (the default is 7 days, but may be modified by the user at checkout).  You will need to create a personal account with EBSCO (there is no charge for this).  E-books with Single User access may not be downloaded/checked out, in order to preserve access for other users.

For the subscribed access (titles within EBSCOhost Academic Collection) we have unlimited user access.  However, these titles are also subject to removal semiannually. 

EBSCO has created a very useful LibGuide for their eBooks complete with tutorials, FAQ's, and information about their Mobile App:


For specifics on saving, printing, and checkout, see the "For Faculty" tab:


When checking out an eBook through EBSCO, users can choose the item's return date, as long as it does not exceed the 7-Day loan period.

In addition, users can now return an eBook to EBSCO prior to the item's due date.  From your device's reader application, chose the title you would like to return early.  For PC users, right click on the book's cover, follow the prompts, and your item will be virtually returned in just a few seconds.  Once an item is returned, the book can be deleted from your personal device's library.

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