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The Library and You: How to Make the Most Out of Your Vanderbilt Experience: Finding Books, Films, Etc.

What Is the Library Catalog?

The Library Catalog is the library catalog for ALL of the 8 Vanderbilt Libraries. 

You can use it to find:

  • Books
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Periodicals
  • Reserve materials
  • and more...

Searching the Library Catalog

Search the Vanderbilt Library Catalog

A Combination of Open Stacks and Paging Systems

Open Stacks:

Most materials held by our campus libraries will be available to you in open stacks. This means that once you locate an item using Library Catalog, the library catalog, you will be able to go to the stacks (or shelves) yourself to take a look. 

Paging System:

We also have items held in storage either in a special location in the library, or our off-campus storage facility, the Annex, that you may request using a paging system. These are often older, rare or seldom used items.

Borrow a Book, DVD, etc.:

If you want to check-out a book or other library materials, you would then take it to the circulation desk. If you need help locating an item, you may ask at a service desk (often called a reference or circulation or information desk).

Library Lingo

A catalog contains records, with detailed descriptions and location information, of the materials in a library collection.

check out, charge out
To borrow materials from a library for a fixed period of time.

circulation desk
The area where you can check out, return, or renew library materials.

Reference (or Service) Desk
The place in the library where reference librarians and assistants give you directions, answer your questions, and show you how to find and use library materials. The desk is usually located near reference materials.

Areas of a library where books and periodicals are shelved.