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Career Research

Industry prep in 15 minutes

If you only have time for one database, your best bet is First Research or IBISWorld. *Please note that once in the database, you need to scroll down to the First Research link, then on the next page click on submit.*

First ResearchContent includes:

  • Executive insight.
  • Call Prep Sheets with conversation starters;
  • Quarterly Industry updates;
  • Industry forecast, issues, challenges, trends, and opportunities;

In the unlikely event that your industry is not there, find a related industry.

  • EXAMPLE: If you have an interview at Pixar, look at "Motion Picture Production and Distribution" and also "Graphic Design."

Content includes:

  • an industry SWOT
  • call prep questions
  • information on leading companies
  • key industry ratios and statistics
  • information at the country, state, and local level

All content can be downloaded as a pdf. Data can be downloaded directly into excel. Reports are updated at least twice per year, depending on the volatility of the industry

Company prep in a 1/2 hour or less

Search by company name. Note the *type* of company that you select, i.e. make sure you are choosing the parent company vs. a subsidiary or single location.
Example of Avention Core

Company profile includes: analyst and market reports, SWOT's, current news, contacts, financials. 

Top 1000 companies have an additional CRUSH report which focuses on IT operations, but additionally goes deeper into company operations. Includes an organizational chart.

Example of SWOT from OneSource

Example of SWOT analysis from Hoover's.

Statista for Career Research

Includes a wide array of data, statistics and narrative analysis. International content, across most industries.

HINT: Quickest Search; large company name; product/service or other keywords

Features include: 

  • Statistics
  • Reports: 
    • Dossiers (all top statistics on a topic)
    • Industry reports: data relevant to a specific industry, including revenue forecasts.
    • Country Reports: relevant country-specific data, including data on consumers and economies. Available for 150 countries.
    • Toplists: top companies in a given industry or region, including contact details and key figures.
    • Outlook Reports: data on the digital and consumer goods sector.

Additional Interview Prep Steps and Resources

In Business Source Complete, search for the name of the company and use the drop down to the right to select CO Company Entity. Example of search in BSP

  • Large companies: Select SWOT Analysis under publication type.
  • Small companies: Generally do not have SWOTs, so do a simple search for company name in any field. Look for news articles.

If you are at Owen, go to the Walker Management Library book stacks and grab some case interview books.