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HART 2210 - Art & Architecture of Ancient Egypt - Lee: Finding Articles

Getting Fulltext

What is Find it at VU button?

FindIt@VU provides direct links from a database citation to the fulltext of the article (if available) and other supporting resources.

You'll also see FindIt@VU buttons in Library Catalog.

An FAQ for FindIt@VU is also available.

Dealing with Abbreviations

Journal names are often abbreviated in bibliographies, and deciphering them can be quite a chore.

Below is an online abbreviation lists from the American Journal of Archaeology as well as a more comprehensive print resource in our reference collection.


Nefertiti Bust

Bust of Nefertiti

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18

Amarna Period, ca. 1340 B.C.E.

Neues Museum, Berlin, Germany

Photo Credit:  Nina Aldin Thune

Finding Scholarly Articles

The following databases will help you find articles about the art & architecture of ancient Egypt.