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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex Studies: LGBTQ Article Databases & Reference

Reference Books

Here are just a few reference sources you may find helpful (many online).

Article Indexes and Databases for LGBTQI Studies

Trying to determine which database is best for your area of LGBTQI-related research can sometimes prove to be the most difficult part of the research process. Here is a selection of databases which have been found to have excellent interdisciplinary coverage of topics related to LGBTQI and sexuality research.

Note: These databases are available through a Vanderbilt Libraries' subscription. If you are not a current Vanderbilt student, faculty or staff member, you should consult with your local library for comparable databases.

Finding more articles

LBGTQI studies is an interdisciplinary field, with researchers from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities contributing to the field. 

Therefore you could potentially find information on LBGTQI studies in any article database/search engine.

Interested in health issues in the LGBTQ community? Try a health/medical database such as PubMed.

Studying LGBTQ issues across cultures? Try searching an Anthropology database such as Anthrosource.

Librarians at Vanderbilt have designated key databases for a variety of fields of study. To get started, go to Find articles & databases and choose the subject that is closest to the area of your research topic.

Getting Fulltext Online

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