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HIST 3980W - Junior Honors Seminar in History

Interlibrary Loan & Materials Beyond VU

Use interlibrary loan to borrow books or obtain copies of journal articles that the Vanderbilt University Libraries do not own. 

You may login to your online account for request forms. Many of the databases and catalogs provided by the Library include an ILL request feature--you may need to display the full item record before you see the "ILL" or "Interlibrary Loan" option. Please make a separate ILL request for each book title, journal article, or other item that you want.

How long does it take to receive materials requested?

Books: 8 to 14 days. Articles: 8 to 10 days. These are normally the longest wait times. Turnaround time for interlibrary loans varies widely, depending on the speed of the lending library, whether the first library asked can fill the request, and other factors. Requests may be filled in as little as three days.


CRL collections are diverse and highly developed, including:

  • Largest collection of circulating newspapers in North America.

~ 6,500 international newspapers, many dating to the 1700s
~ 4,500 U.S. newspapers, many dating to the colonial era
~ 2,000 U.S. ethnic titles

  • Approx. 5,000 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp newspapers and newsletters.
  • More than 38,000 foreign journals rarely held in U.S. libraries.
  • More than 800,000 dissertations—mostly from European institutions.
  • Area Studies ~ Major microform and paper collections from Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and many other areas.
  • In-depth holdings that support research in history of science, economics, law and government, immigration and population studies, international diplomacy, cultural studies, and more.

Search their catalog today!


Use Vanderbilt's InterLibrary Loan service to make the request for materials from CRL.