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Reserves and Media Services/Government Information: Other Services


GIMS provides reference assistance with government information. Staff can assist with the use of both printed and online reference materials including: indexes, bibliographies, and statistical yearbooks. If in-depth research consultation assistance is needed, schedule an appointment with the government documents librarian, Frank Lester. 

If the Vanderbilt Library system does not have the government publications you need, GIMS staff will identify other libraries or locations (including government agencies) which may have them and will help you make an Interlibrary Loan request for the material.

Microfilm Equipment Assistance

Staff are glad to help you out if you need help finding microfilm, ordering film from the Annex, and/or using the viewing/scanning equipment for microfilm at GIMS. Ask at the service desk. Anyone working there is trained to help you get the most out of using the microfilm collection.

Public Access Workstation

There is one computer workstation and one printer at GIMS designated for public use to do research and to access government information online. GIMS staff has the right to restrict the length of time any individual may use the public access workstation, particularly when others are waiting to use it. If necessary, staff also may ask you to restrict your usage of public workstation to research, email, and general web browsing.