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Vanderbilt Television News Archive Vanderbilt Community Tutorials: Broadcast Index

A guide to advance search features and the Broadcast Index for the Vanderbilt community

Broadcast Index

The Broadcast Index allows you to browse Vanderbilt Television News Archive by year, month, and date. 

Navigate to Vanderbilt Television News Archive, if not already validated, you will be asked for your VUNet ID and Password. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click Broadcast Index. 

This opens the Broadcast Index. 


The top level of the Broadcast Index allows you to search the archive by date and month.  We will select August 1968.

This will display the archive's content for August 1968

Next, we will scroll to August 26, 1968 and we will click on ABC Evening News for August 26, 1968

Doing so, displays all of the news segment of the August 26, 1968 ABC Evening  News broadcast. We will click on the first link. 

This opens the record for the first news segment (introduction) for the ABC Evening News for August 26, 1968. 

If you wish to request the clip for additional use, please make note the clip number.