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Vanderbilt Television News Archive Vanderbilt Community Tutorials: Advanced Search

A guide to advance search features and the Broadcast Index for the Vanderbilt community

how to perform an advanced search

This tutorial shows the advanced search functions. Navigate to TV News Archive. Click search at the top of the page.

This opens the Search page.

screenshot of the search page

To right side of the search box, click advanced

screenshot of the location of the advanced search button

This opens the advanced search options.

screenshot of the advance search page

Here you can limit your search to a specific date or range of dates, limit to reporter or anchor, limit by network, limit be search type “word search” or “phrase search” You can sort by most recent, newest, oldest. You can search by specific network. You can also filter your search by commercials, news segments, program introduction, good night segments, specials, or evening news.   Enter any keywords, dates, reporter or anchor, search type, sort by, specific network, or what type of clip or news program you prefer.

screenshot of searching for terms

Click Search

screenshot of the location of the search button.

This returns the advanced search results

screenshot of search results

From the results page you may click on the title of the program or details/video to display the record for the results.

screenshot of the location of Details/Video

Doing so will display the record.   The records displays metadata for the specific record and a viewer that will allow you to view the specific clip

The record displays metadata for the specific record and a viewer that will allow you to view the specific clip.

If you wish to use the clip for future use, please make note of the clip number.