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MHS 6110 - Interdisciplinary Writing

Finding Scholarly Articles

Given the interdisciplinary nature of  MHS research, you may need to use multiple databases during your research; the following databases are core MHS databases.   However, not every database will have relevant material; you should explore several.  To find a more complete list of databases by subject, visit the Search for a Database page and use the pulldown menu to select a subject (Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Literature, etc.)   If your needs are not met with any of  these databases, ask a librarian for additional suggestions specific to your research topic.

An important question to ask before you begin your research is who?  Who might be writing about your topic?  A medical researcher? A historian? A sociologist? An anthropologist? 

Also ask, what type of information  you need.  Do you need research articles (see above) or do you need newspaper articles, legislative information, or statistics?