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Thomson Reuters Eikon is a powerful financial product for financial professionals to access real-time financial data. It provides data on equities, commodities, fixed income, money markets, and more. Eikon includes access to Datastream, a key source for historical coverage of global equities, indices, company financials, and more. Additionally, Eikon provides access to analyst reports, call transcripts, and company profiles. Eikon comes with an excel add-in to extract large quantities of data and/or create custom charts.


To access Eikon:

1. Sign into the Walker Management Library Virtual Machine, available by using VMWare (Mac and Windows instructions) and Duo Mobile (instructions.)

2. Double-click on the Eikon icon on the desktop. 

3. Wait. Within a minute, the program should load.

4. Begin Searching.

Analyst Reports

Eikon includes analyst reports from many major investment banks, such as Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan. The research analysts who research and write these reports are employed by financial firms and market intelligence firms. Financial analysts often focus on recommending a particular action, such as buying a security. 

Within Eikon, recent reports are linked from a company profile or you can find historical reports using an advanced search.You can also search by date or keywords- for example finding all reports within a specific quarter that mentioned a certain product.

Finding & Downloading Analyst Reports

Step-by-step directions with screenshots for finding and downloading analyst reports in Thomson Reuter's Eikon. To begin, access Eikon from the computers in the Walker Management Library. 

Once you are logged into Eikon: 

1. In the Eikon toolbar, search for a company of interest.

2. This will default to the company’s profile. Use the toolbar to scroll to “News & Research”, then selecting “Company Research”.

3.  This is the homepage for Company Research, including company profiles, industry reports, and analyst reports. Reports default to appear in chronological order. Check the boxes to the left of the dates to download any reports of interest.

4. You can filter analyst reports by contributor, subject, report type, and more. Add criteria using the option displayed below.

Eikon Videos

Eikon provides a series of excellent help videos. Register with your Vanderbilt email address to view the videos.