English Language Center Orientation - Peabody Library: Locate & Retrieve Materials

Explore all the library has to offer using this guide for English Language Center students who are part of Peabody College.

Search the Library Catalog to find books, articles, and more!

To locate books & more at the Vanderbilt Libraries, you will use the library catalog. The videos below demonstrate how to search in the catalog, and how to narrow down your results.

Video - Finding Books in Vanderbilt Libraries Catalog (2:37 mins)

Video - Vanderbilt Library Catalog: What Am I Searching? (2:25 mins)

Video - Managing Your Results in the Vanderbilt Library Catalog (2:52 mins)

Search Library Databases to locate scholarly research!

You will want to use a library database to track down peer-reviewed articles and other scholarly sources. There are two types of databases:

  • Subject Database A searchable collection of scholarly journals in a particular field of study. For example, if you are researching psychology, you will use the PsycINFO database to find psychology research.
  • Multidisciplinary Database A searchable collection of scholarly journals from a large collection of fields, often humanities, social sciences, and more. ProQuest is a good example of a multidisciplinary database.

The databases listed below are frequently used by Peabody students.

Video - Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals (3:12 mins)

Need help determining if the article you are looking at is considered 'scholarly'? 

View this online tutorial to learn more. It could save you hours of time when you start your research!